Friday, August 27, 2010

FIRE!!FIRE!! Never Fear the Astrum Team Is Here!!


I am please to announce the Astrum Helicopters Team have completed the training “Fire Extinguisher & Evacuation Training”. We participated in the theory & practical exercises in this training. In this training we learnt’ the intake of the Helicopters which is very important in putting out helicopter related fires. Our staff is better prepared to face any fire.  

Training Officers – Belize National Fire Service


Margarito, Andy, Ada, Victoria & Reuel


Vinicio & Gustavo Sr. Listening intently 


Theory part of the training


Ready to put the Fire Out!!


Final Instructions before the practical


Group Pic!


Fire Blazing!! Super Hot!!


Lets see what Reuel has Learned!


Reuel extinguishing the Big Fire


Margarito good job!


Ada extinguishing her lee Fire!!


Andy think he is already a Fire Fighter


You must get low to approach the Fire!!


Vinicio the fire is out; you can stop sweeping


That fire was no match for Mr. Gustavo


Empty Extinguisher! Always lay on the side when empty 


Victoria Forman

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My 2 yrs MILESTONE!!


I am delighted to report today October 22nd, 2009 officially marks my 2 yrs Anniversary at Astrum Helicopters.  As I reflect on my first day at work. Thinking how long will I last. Not only a new beginning in my life but a completely different field of work. I have always been an outdoors person working in the tourism industry as a tour guide snorkeling, cave tubing etc.. But, being the type of individual i am; I was ready for the challenge.

I must say though after a few months it began taking a toll on me. It was not as easy as i thought it would be, being full time in an office. They where many bumps but, with the great advice from my mom, family, friends & Co-workers. I made it to this milestone, through all the hurdle’s. Really coming out of my comfort zone & trying something different. I am very ecstatic about the experience i have gathered over the years i have been here at Astrum Helicopters. Working with different Agents, booking tours & meeting my clients most of all.

They where many fun times too in & out of the office. Have you ever heard the statement “seeing is believing”. I agree totally with this. As I soar across the country of Belize I have develop a new appreciation for this priceless Jewel Belize. From the hidden waterfalls, mountains, caves, rivers and pristine reef i have seen it. The flexibility of the helicopter to capture that memory is priceless as Mr. Gustavo Sr. maneuvers with great skill. Hopefully one day he will pass on these skill to me. LOL!! Yeah, my favorite trick is the hammer head!! The time went by so quickly, i can’t believe it is 2 yrs already & i would not have not change anything through out my journey here. There so much to say but i have attached some pics to further some up the good times at Astrum.

My First Flight in the Helicopter


Favorite View of the Waterfall


Breathe taking pool & waterfalls in the Sibun Gorge

Sibun Gorge

Water Everywhere

Flood Pics 2008 011

Helping out!!

Victoria & Jorge

Astrum Beauties

Ada & Victoria

Me & My Bosses

Gustavo Sr., Gustavo Jr., Victoria 

Me & Vinicio (Maintenance Director)

Vinicio & I

Enjoying my day at Work!!

Inspection Floats

Victoria Forman


Friday, August 7, 2009

What’s Happening Today At Astrum


Today is one of the go slow days!! But nevertheless the boys always finds something to do!! It was all about the float Inspection. Here at Astrum Helicopters safety is always a priority so, regular check on all equipment is done on a regular basis. Below i have taken some snap shots of the boys hard at work.

Getting ready for filling the floats with air

Jorge & Vini

Vinicio Pumping air in the floats

 Floats Inspection Time!!

Inspecting as the floats fill up


 Getting in some Laughter

Vini & Victoria

Maintenance Apprentice Jorge (M2)


Pump it up!

Filling Up!!

Maintenance Apprentice Reuel (M3)


Inspection Time!

Check Time!

Victoria Forman

Friday, June 5, 2009

Flash back of the week!!


Well as this week winds down to the finally. I must say this was a good week so i guess being a bit tired is okay for my hard work. As i went through my pictures i came a across the pictures from my last week’s flight. Which was very extraordinary beautiful as always. Below I have made an album for you to view as was taken through my eyes. I felt privilege too to fly with Gustavo Jr. as it’s not all the time we can be out at the same time. But, you can tell he was born to be a pilot. So if you are ever in Belize come and fly with Astrum Helicopters we will give you the experience you can’t forget.

Victoria Forman

Friday, May 22, 2009

Astrum Helicopter's Family Moments

Have you every sit back and laugh at the good times you had in your family, work or school? Well that's what i did today!! It was quit a lot of funny things we did together. I enjoyed laughing at the boys catching all the critters. Oh & Vini his facial expressions just put a smile on my face. Not to mention, the dogs Blade & Butch they always keep you active with their mischief. Ada & I  always are up for the next action & adventure. I enjoy reminiscing about the past because it always put a smile on your face. I have put together an album so you can enjoy our special moments.

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Victoria Forman

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Invest Only In The Best!!!

Belize is a Paradise untouched, pure and divine. It's no wonder we invite you to explore this paradise. The Land of the Ancient Maya’s and our fore-father’s. Their is so many places you can choose from the coastline to mountain ridges & Islands . As you peer in the jewel soaring aboard Astrum Helicopters pick a peace of paradise to call yours. Invest only in the BEST and the best is Belize. Our attractions & diverse terrain are limitless. But to give you a sneak peak of paradise that could be all yours i have attached some pictures of this Land Belize. Enjoy!!!


flight 09 02

Beautiful River 

Flight 09 06

The Placencia Development

Flight 09 09

Flight 09 10

Flight 09 04 

Extravagant Waterfall

Flight 09 13

Hidden Mountain Ridges

Flight 09 19

Beautiful Caye’s off Glovers Reef Atoll

Flight 09 20

Edge of the Glover’s Reef Atoll

Flight 09 21 

Peering in my piece of Paradise

Flight 09 01 

Northern Lagoon

Flight 09 03

Victoria Forman

Friday, February 27, 2009

Blue Hole Exploration

The day was divine!!! As the sun glow in the Horizon my anticipation grew higher as we soar over this enchanted land Belize. One of the things that stand out to me was the second longest barrier reef in the world glistening from below as we drop off in the deep blue sea. But, I can't help but to think what lay's below the dark blue abyss of the Caribbean sea as we cross over open sea but not long after we entered the Turneffe Atoll and soar over many of it's pristine cayes. Not long after we where on our way to the magnificent wonder and world Heritage the Great Blue Hole and then I stop to think it is amazing how many people have never seen it from this perspective but here today I got the chance to do just so. Then It was like WOW!!!! Really Magnificent in color and size. Then after a few spins it was off to explore the cayes of the atoll Long Caye & Half Moon Caye. As we head back I can't stop thinking about what I have just experienced. Well of course my journey had to come to an end but that memory is not one that can be bought. So I'll share some pictures caught on my memory chip of my exploration of the Great Blue Hole enjoy!!!

The Reef

Flight 081121 008 

Drop off Turneffe Atoll

Flight 081121 033

The Great Blue Hole

 Flight 081121 021

Belize City

Flight 081121 004