Friday, November 21, 2008

NBC Today Show LIVE from Belize

Astrum Helicopters had the chance to work with the NBC TODAY Show (TODAY goes to the Ends of the Earth) during their LIVE broadcast from Belize on November 17 & 18th, 2008. All the aerial views and the stories with the helicopter where done using the services of Astrum Helicopters.

To view the videos you can visit our dedicated video page, hope you enjoy the videos.

For this project we outfitted our Bell 206 Jet Ranger B3 with a Nose Mount for a Wescam System.




You can also view the videos directly from MSNBC:

Discovering the Blue Hole

Nov. 17: The reef off the coast of Belize known as the Blue Hole may be in trouble because of rising ocean temperatures. TODAY’s Matt Lauer reports.

An aerial view of the Blue Hole

Nov. 17: TODAY’s Matt Lauer takes a helicopter tour above the Blue Hole and along the coastline of Belize.

Continuing Cousteau’s journey

Nov. 17: TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to Jacques Cousteau’s grandson Fabien about the secrets that lie under the sea and the global concerns about the state of our planet’s water.

Worries about ecotourism

Nov. 17: NBC’s Kerry Sanders looks into whether the ecotourism industry has become a problem. TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to Blake Ross, director of Long Caye Belize, about the issue. (Today Show)

Lauer swims with the sharks

Nov. 18: Matt Lauer goes snorkeling with sting rays, sharks, and other fish off the coast of Belize. The TODAY co-host is in the Central American nation as part of the show’s “Ends of the Earth” series, which is focusing on the future of the world’s water.

Cousteau on our troubled waters

Nov. 18: TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to Jacques Cousteau’s grandson Fabien about the state of our oceans and the effects that rising temperatures have on sea life.

Preserving marine wildlife

Nov. 18: TODAY’s Matt Lauer finds out what conservationists are doing to try to preserve marine wildlife off the coast of Belize.

Wildlife in peril in Belize

Nov. 18: NBC’s Kerry Sanders meets some of the endangered species in Belize. TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to Losita Lee of the Audubon Society about the state of the wildlife.

Preserving the coral reefs

Nov. 18: TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to Melanie McField about the Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wonders Of Belize!!

It not everyday life through a trilling adventure at you but when it does embrace it and never let it go. That's just the experience I had when I took an amazing Helicopter Ride to Glovers Reef (Middle Long Caye). It was so beautiful I can't express it in words. The water was so peaceful and the islands lay still in the ambiance of the Caribbean Sea. At one point we gain altitude of approximately 2,000 ft and I was just blown away with what I saw. I saw all three atolls at once (Turneffe Atoll, Lighthouse Reef Atoll and Glovers Reef Atoll)! Not many people get that opportunity!

We then landed on the beautiful Island of Middle Long Caye where there is a gorgeous research center known as the Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve and Research Station (  funded by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS – This place is well kept and brings to life the best of nature. I personally wanted to stay but soon it was time to go. We took our final spin around the island and indulge in its beauty once more. Then it was back over the Glover's Reef Atoll for a final view and a breath taking one at that. It makes you appreciate being created and knowing that we have a wonderful creator at the end of a spectacular flight as such. Just to give you a taste of my experience. Enjoy the pictures below.


Flight 081111 015

Flight 081111 026

Flight 081111 029

Flight 081111 057

flight 0811 006

flight 0811 008

 Flight 081111 079

Flight 081111 073

Flight 081111 081

Flight 081111 118

flight 0811 017

Victoria Forman