Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Helicopter Pilot in Belize

Astrum Helicopters ( is currently seeking qualified applicants for a position as a tour pilot in Mother Natures Best Kept Secret - Belize ( We operate Bell 206B3 & Bell 206L4, primarily flying cruise line tours, helicopter adventures and transfers for VIPs.

Minimum Requirements:
  • 2,500 hrs PIC total time
  • 500 hrs turbine in Bell 206B and/or 206L
  • Current in Bell 206B and/or 206L
  • FAA or equivalent license
  • Current Medical FAA class I or equivalent
  • English language proficiency
Maximum age to apply 55 years.
Maximum weight 200 lbs.

This is a full time position, vacation pay, work permits, license conversion. Minimum monthly guarantee, total compensation is dependent on total flown hours.

Additionally we will provide: work permits and validation of your helicopter pilot license in Belize (you need to pass an exam with Civil Aviation for this process).

Position available immediately.

Please email resumes (detailing hrs by helicopter type) to: