Friday, February 27, 2009

Blue Hole Exploration

The day was divine!!! As the sun glow in the Horizon my anticipation grew higher as we soar over this enchanted land Belize. One of the things that stand out to me was the second longest barrier reef in the world glistening from below as we drop off in the deep blue sea. But, I can't help but to think what lay's below the dark blue abyss of the Caribbean sea as we cross over open sea but not long after we entered the Turneffe Atoll and soar over many of it's pristine cayes. Not long after we where on our way to the magnificent wonder and world Heritage the Great Blue Hole and then I stop to think it is amazing how many people have never seen it from this perspective but here today I got the chance to do just so. Then It was like WOW!!!! Really Magnificent in color and size. Then after a few spins it was off to explore the cayes of the atoll Long Caye & Half Moon Caye. As we head back I can't stop thinking about what I have just experienced. Well of course my journey had to come to an end but that memory is not one that can be bought. So I'll share some pictures caught on my memory chip of my exploration of the Great Blue Hole enjoy!!!

The Reef

Flight 081121 008 

Drop off Turneffe Atoll

Flight 081121 033

The Great Blue Hole

 Flight 081121 021

Belize City

Flight 081121 004

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