Friday, August 7, 2009

What’s Happening Today At Astrum


Today is one of the go slow days!! But nevertheless the boys always finds something to do!! It was all about the float Inspection. Here at Astrum Helicopters safety is always a priority so, regular check on all equipment is done on a regular basis. Below i have taken some snap shots of the boys hard at work.

Getting ready for filling the floats with air

Jorge & Vini

Vinicio Pumping air in the floats

 Floats Inspection Time!!

Inspecting as the floats fill up


 Getting in some Laughter

Vini & Victoria

Maintenance Apprentice Jorge (M2)


Pump it up!

Filling Up!!

Maintenance Apprentice Reuel (M3)


Inspection Time!

Check Time!

Victoria Forman

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