Thursday, October 22, 2009

My 2 yrs MILESTONE!!


I am delighted to report today October 22nd, 2009 officially marks my 2 yrs Anniversary at Astrum Helicopters.  As I reflect on my first day at work. Thinking how long will I last. Not only a new beginning in my life but a completely different field of work. I have always been an outdoors person working in the tourism industry as a tour guide snorkeling, cave tubing etc.. But, being the type of individual i am; I was ready for the challenge.

I must say though after a few months it began taking a toll on me. It was not as easy as i thought it would be, being full time in an office. They where many bumps but, with the great advice from my mom, family, friends & Co-workers. I made it to this milestone, through all the hurdle’s. Really coming out of my comfort zone & trying something different. I am very ecstatic about the experience i have gathered over the years i have been here at Astrum Helicopters. Working with different Agents, booking tours & meeting my clients most of all.

They where many fun times too in & out of the office. Have you ever heard the statement “seeing is believing”. I agree totally with this. As I soar across the country of Belize I have develop a new appreciation for this priceless Jewel Belize. From the hidden waterfalls, mountains, caves, rivers and pristine reef i have seen it. The flexibility of the helicopter to capture that memory is priceless as Mr. Gustavo Sr. maneuvers with great skill. Hopefully one day he will pass on these skill to me. LOL!! Yeah, my favorite trick is the hammer head!! The time went by so quickly, i can’t believe it is 2 yrs already & i would not have not change anything through out my journey here. There so much to say but i have attached some pics to further some up the good times at Astrum.

My First Flight in the Helicopter


Favorite View of the Waterfall


Breathe taking pool & waterfalls in the Sibun Gorge

Sibun Gorge

Water Everywhere

Flood Pics 2008 011

Helping out!!

Victoria & Jorge

Astrum Beauties

Ada & Victoria

Me & My Bosses

Gustavo Sr., Gustavo Jr., Victoria 

Me & Vinicio (Maintenance Director)

Vinicio & I

Enjoying my day at Work!!

Inspection Floats

Victoria Forman


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