Monday, August 4, 2008

Lights Camera Action!!!


Everyday is a unique day at Astrum's Heliport. Some times it can be slow but sometimes it comes with alot of ACTION!!! The Tiger Aspect Production Crew from London filming stop in on their trip to Belize to film with our Bell 206 B3 Jet Ranger Helicopter. They were doing a documentary in Belize and we were proud to be apart of it. They are the first production crew to use our GYRO Stabilizer Mount. This mount makes filming smooth and easy.

Camera on Gyro Mount              Camera on Gyro Mount 

It was so much fun to see the Helicopter do tricks in the Air and move like it was soooo easy!! One trick I like especially was the Hammer head! Oh boy!! I wanted to be in the Helicopter so bad!! Everybody had their own responsibility in this Documentary shoot. My role was the Astrum Helicopter's photographer, Gustavo Jr. was the Overseer, and Gustavo Sr. was the pilot. Working with Helicopters is a very fun job and days like today you really appreciate the opportunity to work with them. Below I have provided some of my work for your enjoyment.

 Getting ready for take offAction Time!!

Bell 206 Take OffRunning Take off Jet Ranger Actor Taking a Run For It

Actor to Vehicle Filming in the Helicopter

Gustavo Jr & Sr.

Victoria Forman

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