Thursday, August 14, 2008

Astrum Helicopter's New Members of The Family!!!!


They say animals are man's best friend and I agree!! They are always sweet and loving and the best part they don't talk back!!! It is never a dull moment when new animals are found at  our Heliport. Everyone comes out and view them and some of us get pretty daring. So I would like to share those happy moments with you of our Astrum's wildlife family from Snakes to Scorpion and our newest member Butch. He is a mix with Rottweiler & Doberman! Butch is spoiled!! You see, everyone loves him up and especially his Grandpa Gustavo who always buys him new treats & toys. We each take turns to watch, play or walk him and even endure his mischievousness at times. But all in all he is a very smart and obedient dog and takes commands well. Below are pictures of our new FAMILY members!! Enjoy


Slime Say CheeseGustavo enjoying a moment with Slime
Ed Becareful


Jorge Becareful 


 Getting alittle early morning Sun


Heading into his Cave 


Taking a break out this cave


Getting some Early morning Sun


Relaxing on the bank


The Baby of the Bunch

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