Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tropical Storm Arthur from the Air

Aerial pictures of Tropical Storm Arthur that generated heavy rainfall in Belize over 36 hours, resulting in flash flooding, 5 fatalities and 2 missing persons.

The pictures where taken aboard Astrum Helicopters ( on our first recognizance flight early morning on June 2, 2008.

Humming Bird Highway

Humming Bird Hwy 01 Humming Bird Hwy 02 Humming Bird Hwy 03

Heavy Equipment overturned by river

Heavy Equipment turned over by river

 Humming Bird Highway into Dangriga

Humming Bird Hwy into Dangriga 01 Humming Bird Hwy into Dangriga 02 Humming Bird Hwy into Dangriga 03

North Stan Creek River Mouth at Dangriga

North Stan Creek River in Dangriga

Citrus Flooded

Citrus Flooded

Kendal Bridge missing (Souther Highway, Sittee River)

Sitte River - Kendal Bridge missing

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