Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sunny Day equals Fun times!!

Today is another superb sunny day in Belize; and I got to share it with my new friends -Tiffany, Frank, Chris and Sathiel. Our day started as I met them at the Fort Street Tourism Village for the first time. As with all my clients the little bird in the back of my head began to singing I hope they like me!! As we walk along the pier to van I  took a glance at everyone and saw the excitement on their faces. As we all arrive at the van we were greeted by the gleaming smile on Paul's face. We were all tuck in the Van and our Journey began as we head to the Astrum Helicopters Heliport.

As the tour began We all enjoy the laughter of each other as we look at the cities attractions and positive interchange of questions and information. I even got a smile out of Frank!! Thirty minutes later we arrived at Astrum Helicopters Heliport.

Astrum's Heliport

The Bell 206 Long Ranger

Gustavo Jr. was anxious to meet us. We laughed for a few as everyone make themselves at home because here at Astrum we are all family. As they watch the Preflight Safety DVD I bet I heard a few hearts pounding as the time is getting closer to an amazing flight over this beautiful Jewel we called Belize. Soon the time came and everyone got buckled in there window seats ready for a spectacular flight. Me & Gustavo Jr. said our goodbye's as in a heart beat they were up and soaring over Belize City & the reef.

City Over Flight

Belize City North

St. Georges Caye

St. Georges Caye

The Barrier Reef

The Barrier Reef

RCCL Enchantment of the Seas

Enchantment of the seas

Final View of the City

 Belize City port

Since everyone was gone on their Helicopter Adventure I sat and ponder for a moment on the beautiful Sunny day and how it just warms your heart and especially how it was raining for the past week you really appreciate it more. Soon before your know it, I heard the Helicopter getting ready to land. I wondered if everyone had an awesome time! But before I could ask the question, I could see the big smile on Tiffany's face. I know it was a hit!!! As we all greet each other after the flight, everyone was amazed about the beauty of Belize and what they had all seen (manatees, rays, cayes, their ship etc..). They all express there gratitude to our wonderful and skilled pilot with over (11,000 hrs) Mr. Gustavo Sr. as with out him the experience would be nothing. Few minutes later the photo shoot began group pictures, single shot, couples it was sooo fun.

Helicopter Photo Shoot

Helicopter photo shoot 2008

Frank getting ready to take us for a spin!!


Come closer & closer group shot

Group pic Frank, Sathiel, Tiffany

It all brought out the kid in us! Unfortunately the day had to end at some point but the memories of today will last me for a lifetime and to all who shared it with me. I am sure with the smiles and comments from everyone they all had a well spent day in Belize!! So as an invitation to all on your next Travels to Belize choose Astrum Helicopters and come spend Fun Times with us.

Astrum Helicopters Family

Astrum Family

Victoria Forman

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